Where Can I Get My Hands On This?

I am now determined to watch this documentary called "Born For Hard Luck" about Peg Leg Sam Jackson. For those who have seen Amelie, there is a small tribute clip to this film.
Watch the video below and I think you'll agree that this is a must see.

GO SEE DU LEVANDE! (You, The Living)

For all who loved Gates of Heaven--listen up. Du Levande, a Swedish film by Roy Andersson, takes the cake for most beautifully crafted piece of cinema. I have never said "oh my god" so much in a movie. Here's a quote that says it better than I can.
“One of the supreme absurdists of our time, Andersson (SONGS FROM THE SECOND FLOOR) serves up a series of immaculately conceived vignettes of appalling urban life. Set in a perpetually cold, smoke-diffused Northern Europe, they’re constantly surprising and often outrageously funny. Working in long, static takes on intricate studio sets, he challenges his hapless characters at every turn. One sublime conceit — a honeymoon house that glides through the night like a train — provokes the thought that, for Andersson, in a world always on the brink of disaster, the only true salvation is in our imagination.” — David Thompson, Film Comment

Here is my favorite scene from the movie. It won't let me post the video but you can watch it if you click here.

More information is on the film forum website.

OH! Lucky you I just found a scene from this movie that will let me post. This scene really gets crazy at about 3:16 but you should watch the whole thing.