Where Can I Get My Hands On This?

I am now determined to watch this documentary called "Born For Hard Luck" about Peg Leg Sam Jackson. For those who have seen Amelie, there is a small tribute clip to this film.
Watch the video below and I think you'll agree that this is a must see.

GO SEE DU LEVANDE! (You, The Living)

For all who loved Gates of Heaven--listen up. Du Levande, a Swedish film by Roy Andersson, takes the cake for most beautifully crafted piece of cinema. I have never said "oh my god" so much in a movie. Here's a quote that says it better than I can.
“One of the supreme absurdists of our time, Andersson (SONGS FROM THE SECOND FLOOR) serves up a series of immaculately conceived vignettes of appalling urban life. Set in a perpetually cold, smoke-diffused Northern Europe, they’re constantly surprising and often outrageously funny. Working in long, static takes on intricate studio sets, he challenges his hapless characters at every turn. One sublime conceit — a honeymoon house that glides through the night like a train — provokes the thought that, for Andersson, in a world always on the brink of disaster, the only true salvation is in our imagination.” — David Thompson, Film Comment

Here is my favorite scene from the movie. It won't let me post the video but you can watch it if you click here.

More information is on the film forum website.

OH! Lucky you I just found a scene from this movie that will let me post. This scene really gets crazy at about 3:16 but you should watch the whole thing.

Prime Cut

I'm writing a prose poem on sausage and it reminded me of the opening titles to a great movie called Prime Cut. Since I'm currently working my ass off, I don't have much time to really explain the movie or why you should see it, but if you watch the opening you'll want to rent this. I dare you to watch this movie while munching on a hot dog (something I have actually done before).

"Life Long Learners"

My 90 year old grandfather not only still works as a film editor, but also runs a film group called "Life Long Learners." For fifteen years a group of senior citizens have gathered together to watch and discuss movies picked by my "g-unit." This doesn't mean I'm planning on doing Movie Mondays till I'm 90, but it is definitely inspiring. The first clip is a typical film group meeting (editing by my dear grandpa) and the other video is so that everyone can get an idea of what they're like.


Le Samouraï - Presented by Zach Poncher

"Alain Delon stars as Jeff Costello, an assassin who lives a solitary life with no friends. Costello begins his new assignment stealing a car, obtaining new license plates and a gun from his associate. After accidentally being seen by Valerie (Cathy Rosier), the police pick up Costello and with the investigation led by a determined Police Inspector (Francois Perier), and subject him and many others to a line up. Once released with a strong alibi, Costello must stay one step ahead of both the Police Inspector and his employer.

This movie is the epitome of "badass" with style and suspense." -Zach

Reminder: Gates of Heaven- June 29th

Not to be confused with Heaven's Gate—whose six hour version should be shown in the future—Gates of Heaven will be showing at my house this coming Monday. Email me to get the address at augustafwind@gmail.com. I really hope everyone can come because no one should miss out on this. If a lot of people like it then we'll do a Errol Morris series. Robert Ebert said it was one of of the ten best films of ALL TIME.


Werner Herzog, GREAT German director, said that he would eat his shoe if this movie (Gates of Heaven) was completed and shown in theaters. Soon after Gates of Heaven's release, good ol' Herzog consumed his shoe which was shot and made into a movie called Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe.

I'm sure many of you want to see the movie of Werner Herzog eats a shoe so I attached it below.

For you impatient folks, you can jump to 2:00 in and watch him eat it.

Tribute to Jerry Harvey

jerry harvey Pictures, Images and Photos
Even though Jerry Harvey shot himself and his wife, after re-watching Z Chanel: A Magnificent Obsession, it seemed like a perfect subject for the us. Jerry Harvey (1949-1988) was a screenwriter who was best known for his film programming of the pre-HBO cable movie channel called "Z." He gave films a second chance by showing the 'directors cuts', a term that was made popular by Z Channel, which were often 6 hour versions of movies like Heaven's Gate, The Leopard, 1900, Das Boot, Once Upon A Time In America, and Bad Timing. Z Channel influences people like Robert Altman, Quentin Tarantino, and Jim Jarmusch as well as 100,000 other subscribing film buffs. Even as a suicidal manic murderer, the guy had great taste.

I don't know how many people are open to 6 hours at my house, but we're definitely doing a Z Channel Tribute series.

I do know that we'll be watching a favorite of Harvey's and mine, called Le Magnifique.

The trailer is here!

Jean-Paul Belmondo and Jacqueline Bisset are in it.