Tribute to Jerry Harvey

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Even though Jerry Harvey shot himself and his wife, after re-watching Z Chanel: A Magnificent Obsession, it seemed like a perfect subject for the us. Jerry Harvey (1949-1988) was a screenwriter who was best known for his film programming of the pre-HBO cable movie channel called "Z." He gave films a second chance by showing the 'directors cuts', a term that was made popular by Z Channel, which were often 6 hour versions of movies like Heaven's Gate, The Leopard, 1900, Das Boot, Once Upon A Time In America, and Bad Timing. Z Channel influences people like Robert Altman, Quentin Tarantino, and Jim Jarmusch as well as 100,000 other subscribing film buffs. Even as a suicidal manic murderer, the guy had great taste.

I don't know how many people are open to 6 hours at my house, but we're definitely doing a Z Channel Tribute series.

I do know that we'll be watching a favorite of Harvey's and mine, called Le Magnifique.

The trailer is here!

Jean-Paul Belmondo and Jacqueline Bisset are in it.


Anonymous said...

great trailer

Joe said...

looks awesome

Anonymous said...

fantastic, the music is wonderful