Vote on the next screening! William Klein Edition.

I have come into the possession of a Criterion Collection of William Klein movies, and they all are super good I couldn't decide. Instead of doing "ini-mini-miny-moe", a poll sounded a lot better. Watch the three trailers/clips and write 1,2, or 3 in the comment box depending on which one you want to see! No one will be disappointed!

William Klein was born in NY city but earned his fame in France. That's just about all I can say about him because his flims are the most important part.

1. Who Are You Polly Magoo? "In this excoriating satire of the fashion industry, Polly Maggoo is a 20-year-old Brooklyn-born fashion model in Paris, on the runway at the big shows where magazine editor Ms. Maxwell is the reigning opinion maker. The ridiculous passes for sublime. Polly becomes the subject of an episode of a vapid TV news documentary series called "Qui ĂȘtes-vous?" and is pursued by the filmmaker and by the prince of Borodine, a small country in the Soviet bloc. We watch as the documentary is shot, we await Polly's arrival in the principality, we observe a lunch in the suburbs, and we learn of her childhood. Is there more to Polly than her pretty face? Is anything below the surface?"
I had to tear up the internet to find an actual trailer of this movie which can be seen here

2. The Model Couple "The French Ministry of the Future announces that it has computer-selected a so-called "average" French couple, Jean-Michel and Claudine (Andre Dussolier and Anemone), and will use what it finds out from them to determine how to manage housing and other government programs in the future. Overnight, they become famous and are subjected to endless questions by government functionaries. Commercial forces interested in using them for marketing research also begin to hound them. The couple is kidnapped just as they begin to rebel against their exploitation. This gives the government just the excuse it needs to drop the whole program, which had begun to develop in some awkward directions." This isn't the best scene in the movie but you'll get an idea of what this is like.

3. Mr. Freedom "Mr. Freedom, a pro-America superhero who fights for God and country by beating, robbing, raping and killing anyone who looks like they might disagree with him. When he hears that France is in danger of falling to the Commies, Mr. Freedom heads overseas to set things right. When the welcome he receives isn't quite as warm as he expected, he gives up hope of steering the French away from the Reds and decides to salvage what he can by destroying the entire country."

Those of you who loved Holy Mountain will love all of these movies!

Sources: Imdb/Fandango


Anonymous said...

mr. freedom!!!! 33333

Joe said...

2, I think.

Wildwood Monday Movies said...

maybe we should do a whole series of these movies so that no one misses out!

Anonymous said...

i agree, they all look to good to leave one out