Reminder: Gates of Heaven- June 29th

Not to be confused with Heaven's Gate—whose six hour version should be shown in the future—Gates of Heaven will be showing at my house this coming Monday. Email me to get the address at I really hope everyone can come because no one should miss out on this. If a lot of people like it then we'll do a Errol Morris series. Robert Ebert said it was one of of the ten best films of ALL TIME.


Werner Herzog, GREAT German director, said that he would eat his shoe if this movie (Gates of Heaven) was completed and shown in theaters. Soon after Gates of Heaven's release, good ol' Herzog consumed his shoe which was shot and made into a movie called Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe.

I'm sure many of you want to see the movie of Werner Herzog eats a shoe so I attached it below.

For you impatient folks, you can jump to 2:00 in and watch him eat it.

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i'm goin!!